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I love preparing for roles with Natasha. Her coaching is always clear, specific, and right on the money, and she demands the same of her actors' performances.

~ Rachael Hip-Flores, Actress (Indie Soap Award - Best Actress in a Leading Role, Streamy Award - Best Lead Actress in a Dramatic Webseries, International Academy of Web Television Award - Best Lead Actress in a Dramatic Webseries)

Natasha Yannacañedo helped me realize my passion for acting and gave me the push to pursue it in college and I haven't turned back since. She is not just a great actress but also a wonderful teacher, I am proud to say I was herstudent.

~ Greg Sammis, Actor

I felt that I was able to bring all of my ability to the roles I worked on whenI studied with her. ~ Merel Julia, Actress
Natasha is a phenomenal teacher and actress. When I took her acting class itreally helped me come out of my shell, made me more confident, and inspired meto pursue acting.

~ Christine Bulger, Actress

I am very excited to be working with a coach who understands both sides of the stage. As an actress and director herself, Natasha's insights and feedback are clear and specific. Her unique way of putting one at ease while still pushing limits makes me want to work! I look forward to the many sessions to come and the jobs I get as a result!

~ Nichole Donjé, Actress & Artistic Director, TAPT

Not only is Natasha a very talented, passionate, and intelligent actress and teacher, but she is a consummate professional in every way. I have rarely met an individual who is as dedicated and hard-working with regard to preparation, punctuality, and work ethic – and yet Natasha brings off everything she does with fluency and ease. Any challenge she takes on is impressively and creatively accomplished. She is courageous and undaunted, as well as charming and a complete pleasure to work with. She’s smart and creative in many ways, and also deeply cares about people. Her good sense, practicality, and decision-making are top-notch, and above all, she is intensely dedicated and passionate. I most highly recommend Natasha. She’s intelligent, committed, and conscientious. She’s a great listener, a reliable problem-solver, and a complete team player. Her passion for her work is inspiring, and she has a tremendous generosity of spirit. She will not disappoint you.

~ Joanne Zipay, Artistic Director of Judith Shakespeare Company

Indeed Ms. Yannacañedo’s classes are consistently over-enrolled and she has well-deserved reputation as a strong professor. Ms. Yannacañedo is a disciplined and dedicated professor, and she is a pleasure to have on our team. In addition, she is a talented actress and director with much experience on both stage and screen. She consistently gets stellar recommendations from superiors and students. She brings her experience and energy to the classroom. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Natasha.

~ Lynne K. Jackson, Ph.D., Chair of Communication Arts Department at St. Francis College

Professor Yannacañedo I can honestly say was probably the best professor I had in my five years at St. Francis College. I had a high an anxiety and nervousness in taking an acting class. It was quickly nonexistent due to her class environment which is fun, comfortable, and informative. I take what I learned from her into my field of communications.

~ Justin Lopez

Professor Yannacañedo shows tremendous command of her subject matter. She is an experienced actress who currently performs in professional theater productions. The lessons she brings back from her own work in the theater are of the highest value to our students and significantly enhances the level of quality we can offer in our program. I can personally say, and have heard similar testimonial from colleagues, that I can recognize her students in my own courses by the manner and confidence with which they give oral reports and presentations. Equally impressive is Professor Yannacañedo’s command of the classroom. It has been clear in every visit that her students are highly responsive to the demands of the subject matter and cooperate to ensure an atmosphere of learning and mutual respect. In the sessions I have seen, students have come studied and prepared for presentations, whether in acting or public speaking exercises. Professor Yannacañedo is a rare instructor. She is a talented teacher with a depth of knowledge and experience that provides our students with challenging, high quality courses. She is also been a reliable and greatly valued colleague. I give her my highest recommendation for any teaching position or for any award for such work.

~ Scott Weiss, Ph.D., St. Francis College


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