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I recognize the importance of technique in dancing but the greatest tragedy for me is seeing these incredible dancers with excellent grace and technique with no passion or story behind their dancing—dancers that don’t know how to act their choreography. I teach dancers how to break down their choreography into acting beats and to create fully developed characters so that the story or choreographic images become clear to the audience.

"Natasha is great! She is very attentive and dedicated to her teaching. Natasha really made me feel motivated and want to improve my acting skills. After only one session with her, I was able to understand the basic principles of acting. She not only made me understand, but also explained to me how to apply these skills. She is very perceptive. Natasha understood and told me how to convey my emotions to an audience. I dance Argentine tango and we all know that we not only need to be skilled dancers, but skilled actors as well. Natasha made me put acting into mine. I know there is so much more to learn and I trust Natasha can teach me to be the actress I want to be. She is truly a wonderful teacher."

~ Diane Powell, Argentine Tango Dancer

Feel free to email or call me to inquire about acting coaching. I offer private lessons, as well as semi-privates and group classes by special arrangement.


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