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Natasha Yannacañedo delivers a stunning performance as the strong willed yet vulnerable Julia.

~Richard Hinojosa,

Natasha Yannacañedo brings a refreshing quirkiness to disapproving Roberta, giving her depth and specificity.

~Michael Bracken, New York City Newsday

Natasha Yannacañedo and Peggy Suzuki in particular transform themselves into four or five characters each, providing a super-fun, non-stop parade of clowns that offsets the earnestness of the two pairs of lovers around which the play centers.

~ Nancy Kelly,

Natasha is a wonderful actress - she's serious about her craft - she's bold, energetic, sexy, and brave! Natasha is skilled, meticulous, adaptable, and takes risks. She's funny and fun and powerfully moving. She's devoted to her work and gives it her all every single time. I've enjoyed working with Natasha on various projects for over ten years, and I continue to love working with her every chance I get.

~ Joanne Zipay, Artistic Director of Judith Shakespeare Company

Natasha brings to an experience such openness and yet such precision to her craft. She has the ability to infuse a sense of the real and surreal with her fellow actors to create off the wall and believable scenarios. Her commitment, enthusiasm, and bold, risky choices make her a treat to work with and a no-brainer to cast.

~ Alethea Adsitt, Director/Choreographer of Alethea Adsitt & Company

Working with Natasha on Mordere was a pleasure. Not only did she grasp the character, but she did it in freezing temperatures and still looked beautiful. Her performance was what I was looking for where she needed to be a strong sister but also needed to let her vulnerabilities show through at the same time.

~ Aram "Spike" Bauman, Film Director

Natasha is a wonderful actress, an asset and a joy to have in your cast. She is imaginative, disciplined and supportive of others work. If that were not enough, Natasha is beautiful inside and out.

~ Timothy D Stickney, Associate Artistic Director of Take Wing and Soar Productions and Co-Founder of Experimental, a Stickney Theatre Project

Natasha Yannacañedo is one of the most deeply committed, creative actors I've had the pleasure of working with. She is a sensitive, searching performer who makes an ensemble stronger for her presence. I've had the pleasure of working with Natasha on new plays (both fully staged and in reading) and on voice-over work for radio. I have also seen her perform in work ranging from classical to experimental dance-theater. Natasha's versatility allows her to make a significant contribution to a wide variety of projects. She is an empathetic, highly intelligent, and dedicated actor whose contributions inspire her fellow artists and is a dream for directors and producers.

~ Heather Ondersma, Artistic Director of Flying Fig Theater Company

Natasha is the consummate professional. Her talent and glow on screen is matched by her desire and work ethic, not to forget her awesome personality! I was blessed to have her star in my film! I particularly appreciated Natasha's attention to detail…her ability to absorb herself into the character. She's a director's best friend.

~ Andres Chucky Valencia, Film Director of City Park Ranger

I was thrilled to cast Natasha. She contributed fully as performer, creative collaborator and dramaturge. She worked with poise and abandon. Her outward physical expressiveness was matched by her inner strength. As soloist or ensemble member her sensuality and humanity shine.

~ Elizabeth Mozer, Artistic Director/Choreographer of Theatre in the Flesh

I had the opportunity to work with Natasha on two projects: a new play by Michael Bettencourt for MultiStages New Works Finalist Festival which I produced, and I directed her in a staged reading of a new work by Fengar Gael which was one of Repertorio Espanol's MetLife Nuestras Voces Competition Finalists. Natasha is a consummate professional and a joy to work with.

~ Lorca Peress, MultiStages Artistic Director & Co-President of the League of Professional Theatre Women

Joanne and her creative production team and exuberant ensemble of actors have meshed the verbal and visual antics into a clear and imaginative production, one of the best professional ones of the play I’ve seen in a long time. Through the course of the play, the hilarious hijinks grow out of the enactment of nuanced and sometimes mock-exaggerations of counter gender characteristics. The actors, uniformly excellent, pull off admirably layered interpretations, within the context of Shakespearean twists in the plot, all adding to the fun.

~ Dr. Milton Polsky (author of Dear Will: Sound Advice from Shakespeare and A Shakespeare Trilogy: Three Apocryphal Tales About How the Bard Wrote His Plays.)


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